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Summer Youth Employment Program
Job Order Request Form
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Job Order Introduction.

These are the requirements for employers volunteering to serve as host worksites for youth enrolled in the Summer Youth Employment Program:

  • All employer organizations must enter into a worksite agreement with CareerSource Broward (CSBD).
  • Employers who have contracted to serve as a host worksite for the Children’s Services Council of Broward County (CSC) funded summer program in the past will automatically receive a new agreement when their old agreement expires.
  • Employers who have not previously served as a host worksite for the CSC summer program may request to be included by contacting the Summer Program Manager at (954) 202-3830 or e-mailing lking@careersourcebroward.com. CSBD will forward a contract package to entities meeting the requirements for serving as a host worksite.
    1. Examples of some of the requirements to be a host worksite include but are not limited to:
      1. Evidence of incorporation for new not-for-profit organizations.
      2. Safe and sanitary working conditions for the youth.
      3. Transmittal of a copy of the host worksite organization’s Certificate of Insurance which can be faxed to (954) 323-0880.
    2. Examples of some of the requirements for work assignments include but are not limited to:
      1. Precluding youth from lifting in excess of 25 pounds.
      2. Precluding youth from operating heavy machinery.
      3. Precluding youth from working with dangerous tools such as knives and axes.
  • A link to the completion of the job order form will be provided to host worksite employers once they have executed and returned the contract package to CSBD.

Please read prior to entering the requested information into the Job Order form

  1. SECTION ONE titled: "Employer/Organization Information.” This section should be completed ONLY ONCE per Employer/Organization. *** If you or anyone in your organization has already completed this section, please log in as a Returning Employer at the top of the JOB ORDER INTRODUCTION PAGE
I have read and understand all of the above requirements:
Please be advised that not all job orders will be filled.


Please complete the information below to request youth to be assigned to your organization during the Summer Youth Employment Program.


You will be able to request and enter multiple worksites and job positions in sections two and three respectively.

Employer Name:    
Type of Organization:     
Federal Tax ID #: Example: 12-3456789 (The dash is required)      

Contract Contact Person:   Title:  
City:  ,  State: ,  Zip:   
Telephone:   FAX:
Cell Phone: Email:   

Program Contact Person:   Title:  
City: ,  State: ,  Zip:   
Telephone:     FAX:
Cell Phone: Email:   

Does your company provide the proper PPE supplies and cleaning supplies to the employees?    

Are frequently touched surfaces cleaned and disinfected by using supplies that are effective against the virus that causes COVID-19 at the beginning and end of each shift/day?    

Does your company have a protocol in place for visitors and customers entering the building to meet the Broward County Executive order guidelines for occupancy and ensure 6 feet social distancing?    

Is the CDC signage that emphasizes the measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 and exercise social responsibility posted throughout your company?    

Are there hand sanitizing stations that contain at least 60% alcohol supplied throughout the worksite(s)?    

Does your Organization have an executed agreement with CareerSource Broward to serve as a host worksite for the CSC summer program?    

If you have responded "yes," continue to section two. The system will generate an automatic Employer Identification (ID) number. You will need to use that ID number to log on later to add worksites or positions to your Job Order or to reference your Job Order record if calling for technical support.

If you have responded "no," please contact lking@careersourcebroward.com or (954) 202-3830 to request to become a host site.

(Note: Each requires a different contract)


NOTE: If you are not ready to complete Section Two and Section Three, but want to submit Section One and add Worksites later, click “Continue” and write down the Employer ID you will be given on the next page (Section Two).

If there are more than one worksite, please enter ALL worksites under the ORIGINAL Job Order. DO NOT create separate job orders for each worksite. (*** Log into the existing Job Order at the top of this page. You'll need the CSBD Employer ID you were given during the original Job Order submission.) I understand.

Please coordinate with branches so they add their worksite to the main Job Order and not add a duplicate Job Order.
*** Log into the main Job Order account and select "Add New Worksite."
I understand.

“Continue” to Section Two, Worksite(s) Information.

* If the "Continue →" button is greyed out, you must check the box at the top of the form indicating that you have read and understand the instructions.
Reading the instructions is required.

Click “Continue” above if you have not already completed a Worksite form and a Job Position form and received an Employer ID.
*You must complete at least one Worksite and one Job Position form before you will receive an Employer ID.
The Employer ID and your Tax ID can then be used to Log In and add additional Worksites and/or Job Positions at a later time.
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