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CareerSource Broward (WF1) and the Children’s Services Council (CSC) are teaming up to help youths get a job in the summer of 2014.  The Summer Youth Employment Program or “SYEP” is an 8-week job program which including 3 days of orientation and runs from mid-June to mid-August, 2014.  Participants will work approximately 30 hours per week during the program and earn $7.79 per hour (current minimum wage). They will be employed at local governmental organizations like schools, libraries, municipalities, and not-for-profit companies.

If you are between the ages of 16 and 18 and want to work next summer, please read the FAQ’s below.
  1. Q: How do I qualify for a summer job?

    A: You must be a Broward County resident between the ages of 16-18 and meet eligibility requirements, including a review of your family income and size. Other eligibility requirements may apply. You can apply if you are currently 15 but will turn 16 by June 9, 2014. You cannot apply if you will be 19 years old by August 5, 2014.
  2. Q: How do you select the youth that participate in the program?

    A: Selection is based on all of the following criteria:
    • Whether you are economically disadvantaged (based on income and household size)
    • Other categories, such as: homelessness, foster care resident, etc.
    • Date of submission of application (Earlier qualifying submissions are more likely to be selected.)
    • Only one entry is allowed. Efforts to "game" the system will likely be noticed and disqualified.
  3. Q: Are there other requirements?

    A: Yes. All youth invited to participate in the program are required to attend the SYEP’s job orientation in June, 2014. Attendance is mandatory for all three days and you will be paid for your attendance. The workshops at Orientation will discuss topics that will help you have a successful summer work experience. To be admitted to the SYEP and attend Orientation, students must have submitted (to CareerSource Broward) all of the completed forms that will have been mailed to them in their SYEP Packet, including a signed Social Security Card and a valid Florida Identification Card or valid Florida Driver’s License. Your packet will include the dates for you to bring all your documents to the CareerSource Broward office. Depending on your job assignment, CareerSource Broward may also need to conduct a background check on you. If the background check identifies any concerns in your background, CareerSource Broward will contact you immediately.
  4. Q: Is there a Dress Code?

    A: Yes. We ask that all participants dress business casual for the eligibility interview and for all three days of Orientation. When you receive your job assignment you will know the dress code of your particular worksite. Business Casual for Men consists of slacks, button down collared shirt tucked in or polo type shirts. No sneakers. Business Casual for Women consists of dresses & skirts to the knees, pants, and blouses. No low cut blouses, tight fitting clothing or mid drifts. No sandals or sneakers.
  5. Q: HOW and WHEN can I apply?

    A: Starting January 13, 2014, please return to this website and submit an online “Summer Youth Employment Application”. The application deadline will be January 24th at 5:00pm. NOTE: Demand for jobs in this program is always GREATER than the number of jobs available. Last year there were over 4100 applicantions for jobs and only 700 available job positions.
  6. Q: What happens after I apply online in January, 2014?

    A: Once the selection process is complete, all participants selected to participate in the program will receive notification by mail. The selection process will be completed by February 28, 2014. Please be patient and please do not call WF1 to ask if you are in the program. You can always call the hotline at (954) 202-3838 for updates. Please do not leave a message. No one will return your call.

    In the meantime, you should begin gathering the documents that you will need IF you are selected to participate in the SYEP. These include:
    • A Social Security card (If you need to apply, please note; it takes two weeks to receive your card.)
    • A current photo ID: We accept a Florida driver’s license, Florida ID, school ID only if you are under 18 years, US Passport or Alien Registration Card.

    Copies of these documents will NOT be accepted. You must present these documents at your eligibility appointment. (See below.)

    Again, the number of job positions we have are limited, but if you are selected to complete the second stage of the enrollment process, CareerSource Broward will mail an “Eligibility Packet” to your home address and notify you of a date for your “Eligibility Appointment”. You must personally appear for this appointment and bring with you for the appointment all required documents. If you do not bring all the documents required to your Eligibility Appointment, it will delay the processing of your application and you may lose your slot.
  7. Q: Where do I go for any updated information about the SYEP?

    A: Come back to this website. It is updated weekly. or call the hotline (954) 202-3838. (Do not leave messages)
  8. Q: How much will I earn and how will I get paid?

    A: Youth will be paid $7.79 an hour. Your pay will be deposited onto a payroll card issued by Citibank. If these payroll cards are lost, stolen or misplaced, contact your assigned Worksite Monitor and Citibank immediately. (There may be some fees associated with replacing the bank card). Payments are deposited every two weeks. During training you will receive a schedule of the deposit dates. We will not deposit your wages into a personal bank account; everyone will receive a payroll card. There are some fees associated with using the payroll card and those fees will be listed on the payroll card application that is inside of the eligibility packet and explained during the eligibility appointments.
  9. Q: What types of jobs do you have available?

    A: In the past, jobs included clerical, child care assistant, camp counselor, park aide, custodial, library assistant, and data entry. CareerSource Broward attempts to match youth with job preference and takes into account where you live. However, there is no guarantee of where you will be assigned. (Please note if you have a background, we are limited to the type of jobs you will be able to be placed. Most of the jobs require a background check).
  10. Q: What are the dates of the summer program?

    A: The Summer Youth Employment Program begins MID-JUNE, 2014, with 3 days of orientation and then runs for 7 weeks and 2 days starting June 16, 2014 and ending August 5, 2014. (You will have July 4 off.) Jobs are limited to 6 hours per day and 30 hours per week. The specific hours that you will work will depend on your individual Worksite assignment but for the most part you will work in the daytime or early evening hours. You are not allowed to make up any hours or days missed.
  11. Q: Can I apply if I have an arrest or conviction in my background?

    A: An arrest or conviction does not automatically disqualify you from participating in the SYEP. Some worksites are not allowed to employ individuals with certain offenses but others are.
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